Contractor General, Dirk Harrison says his Office’s investigation into allegations of kickbacks from large Chinese firms to political parties is almost complete.

He made the disclosure during an interview with Nationwide News this morning following the launch of an Anti Corruption Youth Programme at the Mona High School in St. Andrew this morning.

The nation was stunned months ago by the disclosure made by former Transport Minister Dr. Omar Davis.

He reported that the General Secretary of the PNP, Paul Burke, had told the party’s NEC of an established practice where Chinese companies would pay a fee of 1 to one and a half percent of the total project cost to an agent named by the Minister with responsibility for the project.

Burke had reportedly told the NEC that the fees collected had not been turned over to the party to assist with financing the general election campaign.

Officials at the Chinese Embassy in Jamaica have denied the allegations. Word later emerged that the OCG was probing the matter. Mr. Harrison says the investigation is progressing.

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And, Mr. Harrison also steered clear of making any public comment into allegations of fraud and bribery in Lisa Hanna’s South East St. Ann constituency.

Mr. Harrison came under fire in September for declaring that his office has uncovered fraud, forgery and corruption as part of its ongoing probe into the awarding of contracts by the St. Ann Parish Council.

Mr. Harrison says he will not comment further until the probe is concluded.

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