The Office of the Contractor General, OCG, has recommended a government contractor, Bacchus Engineering Works Limited be removed from the list of registered companies with the National Contracts Commission.

The company has been awarded government contracts in the past valuing almost 44-million dollars for works on the Bethel Town Water Supply and Distribution system in Eastern Westmoreland.

At the centre of the controversy is a man who was employed as a member of the technical staff of Bacchus Engineering Limited, Mark Randall.

The OCG found that the NCC Works Application Form for the registration of Bacchus Engineering Works Limited which was submitted on November 20, 2013 contained erroneous information regarding Randall.

The OCG says it found that Bacchus Engineering listed Randall as an employee, when in fact he had been employed to the Rural Water Supply Limited.

The OCG says based on this information it concluded that the company ought not to be considered for re-registration by the NCC.

The OCG says Bacchus had presented falsified documents about Randall’s qualifications.

A Justice of the Peace, Clifton Green, had verified the documents deeming them to be true copies of the original.

But the OCG says Mr. Green breached the law when he did not view the documents and verify whether they were authentic.

The OCG says Managing Director of Bacchus Engineering Works Limited, Robert Bacchus, will be referred to the Commissioner of Police for further investigation to be undertaken in relation to forgery of documents and uttering of forged documents.

The report also says JP Clifton Green will be referred to Police Commissioner regarding the common law offence of misconduct in a Public Office.

This on the grounds that Green neglected to view the original documents at the time of attesting to the authenticity and legitimacy of Randall’s documents.

This would amount to an abuse of the public’s trust in Green’s commission as a Justice of the Peace.