The Office of the Children’s Advocate has launched a high level special investigation into the details of a relationship between the Child Protection and Family Services Agency, CPFSA, and Carl Robanske.

Mr. Robanske is accused of having sexually inappropriate conversations with a minor.

Following Nationwide News’ exclusive expose yesterday, child care advocates have reacted with alarm at the revelation that the State agency charged with the protection of the nation’s children formally engaged Robanske’s Embracing Orphans in January 2014.

The engagement followed Robanske’s donation of a transitional facility in Reading, Montego Bay called The Father’s House.

The Children’s Advocate says the revelations are concerning.

Ricardo Brooks reports.

The Children’s Advocate, Diahne Gordon Harrison, says her office has taken a keen interest in the explosive exposé. 

She says her Office’s Director of Investigations has been assigned to gather information on the extent of the relationship between Mr. Robanske and the CPFSA.

Mrs. Gordon Harrison says the fact that Mr. Robanske’s charity “Embracing Orphans” has been in operations for several years  has increased her office’s interest in the matter.

The Children’s Advocate says since the revelations were aired players in the child care industry have been mum. 

She says her checks have not yet uncovered concrete findings in the matter.

Mr. Robanske’s education certificate was suspended in the United States after it was established he had sexually inappropriate conversations with a minor.

Nationwide’s Research and Special Investigations Division obtained a copy of the Final Order of Suspension issued by the Superintendent of Public Instruction in the US State of Washington.

Mr. Robanske was subsequently evaluated by a psychologist, Dr. Philip Barnard.

After the evaluation, Dr. Barnard concluded, quote, “I cannot state at this time that Mr. Robanske does not present a risk to his students.

The Ministry of Education,Youth and Information is also investigating the matter.

The Opposition People’s National Party, the PNP, is calling for an immediate evaluation of the protocols governing the country’s child care systems.

The party’s calls come following an exclusive Nationwide News expose revealing that the Child Protection and Family Services Agency, the CPFSA,  partnered with a man accused of sexually inappropriate conversations with a minor.

The agency has responsibility for children in State care.

The PNP’s spokesperson on Youth, Senator Garbriella Morris, says the revelation raises serious concerns about the state of the systems in place to protect children in the care of the State.

She wants more stringent oversight of donations being made by outside entities and individuals.

Portfolio Minister, Fayval Williams this morning directed the CPFSA to ensure all persons engaging with children in State care are subjected to background checks.

When asked whether Head of the CPFSA, Rosalee Gage Grey, should be held accountable for the incident, this was Senator Morris’ response.

Senator Gabriella Morris, Opposition Spokesperson on Youth.

She was speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.