10 alleged members of the One Don Gang were today remanded in custody until July 30.

The One Don Gang is a breakaway faction of the Spanish Town based Klansman gang which the Police say is led by Andre Bryan who’s otherwise known as Blackman.

The alleged gangsters are charged with being a part of a criminal organization in breach of the anti gang law.

The 10 people who appeared in Court today are among 33 alleged gangsters who were taken into custody recently and accused of breaching the country’s anti-gang laws.

The other accused are to be taken to Court at a later date.

Today, Presiding Judge, Justice Leighton Pusey, chided the Prosecution for what he described as its unpreparedness.

Justice Pusey expressed his displeasure when proceedings were delayed twice this afternoon due to incomplete documents.

Pusey paused Court proceedings when the prosecution did not present in Court a sheet which outlined the various charges laid on the accused.

Following the first break, a charge sheet was provided.

But the sheet contained only 10 names which forced the court to take another break.

When proceedings resumed the 10 alleged gangsters were remanded.