On day-nine of the Klansman gang trial the prosecution’s first witness explained how the gang had several dons who controlled sections of Spanish Town.

He says one of the gang members with the alias ‘Gully’ was don for Rivoli, another he says was called ‘Termite’, the don for Top Banks and another called ‘Sick Head’ deputised for him when he was locked up.

The witness says another gang member called ‘Richie’ controlled Lauriston and another called ‘Smokey’ was don for Waterloo Lane.

According to the witness as dons, those men were responsible for what he calls the wellbeing of the residents of those communities.

He also says they decided: “who fi dead and who fi live in these communities.”

Thirty three people including one woman are on trial for multiple offences under the anti gang legislation.

Among them is alleged leader of the One don faction of the gang Andre Bryan aka Blackman.

The witness says he was Bryan’s personal driver and the gang’s banker.

The trial is being presided over by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes.

It resumes at 10 tomorrow.