One of Hanover’s Most Wanted gunmen has been captured by the police in St. Andrew today.

Brian Jackson, otherwise called ‘Not Nice’ has been wanted by the Hanover Police in connection with multiple gun-related crimes.

These crimes including a triple murder last year, as well as shootings and robbery cases in the parish.

The police say a joint mission driven operation with the military was carried out today.

The police says months of intelligence gathering led the authorities to identify Jackson at a premises in the Red Hills community.

The police say Not Nice was taken into custody during pre-dawn operation.

According to the police a female companion was also arrested.

The police highlight that the stealth of the mission resulted in no shots being fired.

The police say both Jackson and the woman are awaiting a Question and Answer session, ahead of charges being laid.

Jackson is known by the police to be a major player in the Hanover-based ‘Ants Nest Gang’.

It’s understood this gang is an affiliate of the ‘One Link Gang’, which is currently feuding with the ‘One Voice Gang’ in the parish.

It’s understood the May 2020 triple murder occurred during an arms deal that went bad.

The police say the three men killed were members of the One Voice Gang.

The police say the latest operation is representative of the Constabulary’s ongoing counter-gang strategy that has been employed across the country.