An online Petition has been launched to have a bust of National Hero, Marcus Garvey that was mounted at the University of the West Indies, Mona removed.

The petition is titled ‘Fake Garvey Bust at the University of the West Indies Must Come Down.’

The bust of the National Hero was unveiled at the Faculty of Humanities and Education over a week ago.

The petition was started by radio host, Ka’Bu Ma’at Kheru.

She says the bust is a deliberate misrepresentation of Jamaica’s first National Hero.

She says to raise a bust which denies this great Pan African of his racial identity, his defiance of the status quo and the pride in his African Identity is to betray everything that the great African Jamaican stood for.

She says in the name of the truth they must take down the bust and remount a genuine one that represents Marcus Garvey.

At news time 45 persons had signed the petition.

The petition needs 100 signatures.