Coal is the only feasible option for a 1000-megawatt power plant being contemplated for the new owners of bauxite alumina company, Alpart.

So says former Chairman of the Jamaica Bauxite Institute and Co-Chair of the Energy Monitoring Committee, Dr. Carlton Davis.

The Chinese-owned Jiquan Iron and Steel, JISCO, is finalizing arrangements to take over Alpart, as part of a planned USD$2-billion investment in Jamaica.

There’s been opposition to JISCO’s intention to build a 1000-megawatt coal-fired plant to run its operations

But Dr. Davis says coal is the only feasible option.

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He says the real issue with the project is how the company will manage its emissions and the ash produced from the coal.

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Meanwhile, Energy Engineer, Wayne Grant says for the plant to minimize on its emissions the type of equipment used must be appropriate.

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