Five new private facilities were added as partners for the delivery of the Code Care project by the Health and Wellness Ministry, to reduce the backlog of elective surgeries on the island.

The facilities are Andrews Memorial Hospital, the Heart Institute of the Caribbean, Medical Associates Hospital, the University Hospital of the West Indies and Winchester Surgical and Medical Institute.

The facilities will serve the South East Regional Health Authority, SERHA.

The additional institutions bring to eight, the number of private facilities with which the Ministry has arrangements under the project.

The collaboration with the Ministry will ensure a significant reduction in the number of elective surgeries for which over 7 thousand Jamaicans have been waiting.

Code Care is to see an additional 2,000 surgeries done in the coming months to clear up most of the backlog.

So far, 1 hundred and 15 surgeries have been completed under the project, 30 of them performed at the Bustamante Hospital for Children and another 85 at facilities in western Jamaica.

More Jamaicans will benefit under the project next month, when a group of specialist care nurses arrive on the island to support surgical efforts at the Noel Holmes Hospital in