Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ Press Secretary, Naomi Francis, says it would be acceptable for him to hold quarterly press briefings.

That’s at least once every three months.

Ms. Francis has made the comment as she’s defending Prime Minister Holness against criticism from the Press Association of Jamaica, PAJ.

The PAJ says it’s written Mr. Holness, noting his failure to hold press briefings since assuming office in March this year.

It’s also urged him to do so in the new year for benefit of the public.

Ms. Francis says she believes Mr. Holness would be willing to host as many press conferences as possible.

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She says suggestion that the Prime Minister has been inaccessible is not true.

She says the fact that Mr. Holness hasn’t held a press briefing since taking office over the past nine months, doesn’t mean he’ll not have them in the future.

Ms. Francis has also scolded the PAJ, suggesting it’s release to the media yesterday, which has caused some controversy, was premature.

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And President of the Press Association of Jamaica, PAJ, Dionne Jackson Miller says she’s pleased to hear that the OPM would consider acceptable the Prime Minister holding quarterly press conferences.

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