The People’s National Party is accusing the National Security Minister, Robert Montague, of ministerial overreach and publicly disrespecting the leadership of the Police Force.

The Opposition says the disrespect of the police leadership cannot be tolerated.

In a statement this afternoon, the PNP says the law specifically restricts his role to policy. It says it prohibits him from interfering in operational matters which are the sole purview of the Commissioner of Police. It says it considers the Minister’s statement yesterday on promotions to be out of order in both tone and content.

According to the PNP the Minister’s statement disrespects the role of the Commissioner. It says it’s a scandalous attempt to interfere in the administrative affairs of the JCF.

The PNP says effective crime fighting must include respect for the rule of law and the roles of the leadership, the rank and file and the Police Services Commission.

The PNP says there’s a range of matters affecting police morale, including emoluments and the 2017/19 pay offer, and criminal penalties for breaches of the six-month resignation notice period.

The Opposition says these and other issues are proper policy issues for which Ministerial attention would be most welcomed by all Jamaicans.

Yesterday, the Security Minister issued a strongly worded statement calling on the Police Services Commission and the Police Commissioner to immediately fill almost 400 vacant positions in the JCF.

Mr. Montague says, despite qualifying for promotions, the JCF members were being denied although the government has the funding in place to pay them.

He says it’s unfair and shameful.