Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, says Prime Minister Andrew Holness should sanction his Cabinet Ministers whose involvement in last year’s de-bushing programme has come under scrutiny by the Contractor General.

In his report into the $600-million programme, Contractor General, Dirk Harrison, concluded that three government ministers may have lied about their role in selecting contractors, subcontractors and setting payment terms in the execution of the controversial pre-election programme.

The three Ministers are Shahine Robinson, Dr. Andrew Wheatley and Robert Montague.

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Dr. Peter Phillips, Opposition Leader and PNP President.

The PNP’s General Secretary, Julian Robinson is also criticising Prime Minister Holness and the three Ministers for not responding to the concerns of the Contractor General.

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The Contractor General also raised concerns about the evidence of Chairman of the North East Regional Health Authority, Tyrone Robinson.

Tyrone Robinson was also Campaign Manager for Shahine Robinson, who’s also the Member of Parliament for North East St. Ann.

Mr. Harrison says Tyrone Robinson’s evidence was riddled with ‘half truths, concealed answers and unanswered questions.’

General Secretary for the Opposition PNP, Julian Robinson, is calling for him to be removed from public office.

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