Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Morais Guy, is chiding the government for what he says are reactive measures in addressing the outbreak of dengue across Jamaica.

This follows Saturday’s declaration by the Health Ministry that the country is experiencing an outbreak in dengue cases.

Speaking with Nationwide News on Sunday, Dr. Guy says given that it’s heightened season for the mosquito bourne disease, effective measures should’ve already been in place to prevent an outbreak.

As at last Friday, the country recorded 5-hundred-and-65 suspected, presumed and confirmed cases of the mosquito bourne disease.

Dr Guy says the situation is more alarming, given the testing constraints that the country also faces.

While PCR testing for dengue is available, the reagent for the anti-body testing is unavailable.

Dr. Morais Guy, Opposition Spokesman on Health.

Meanwhile, Dr. Guy says he’s concerned about the number of confirmed or suspected dengue cases that will be released at the end of September.

Dr. Guy is urging Jamaicans, especially parents, to play their part in following the recommendations from the Health Ministry as it relates to the virus.

Dr. Morais Guy, Opposition Spokesman on Health.