The People’s National Party (PNP) says it is deeply troubled by the deteriorating lawlessness in Jamaica, and the lack of any discernible strategy to stem the tide.

In a statement today, Opposition Leader Mark Golding said there is general despair and widespread outrage that not enough is being done by the state, either to protect women or to empower them to protect themselves.

Mr. Golding says clarendon based teacher Natallie Dawkins i still to be found, but he notes current spate of violence against women has hit close to home.

The opposition leader says In his own constituency, the body of fifty-year-old Millicent Robinson was recently found buried in a shallow grave in her own yard. Incidents such as these, Golding says have deepened the sense of vulnerability among women, demoralising the entire population.

He is also repeating the party’s call for the Government to significantly expand assistance targeted at rural and inner city poverty, especially households headed by single women.

The allocation of $2 million per constituency is a mere drop in the bucket, and will not reach thousands of needy persons, and the overall budgeted allocation for this fiscal year is inadequate, he added

Golding said the PNP rejects knee-jerk, emotional proposals like repealing carefully designed sentencing arrangements that have resulted in the timely disposal of a large volume of criminal cases from the court system.

Mark Golding Opposition Leader, speaking Today with Nationwide News.