The Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Fitz Jackson, is denying claims that he’s rebuffed an invitation to a meeting to discuss the government’s crime-fighting efforts.

On the weekend, National Security Minister Robert Montague indicated that he’d invited Mr. Jackson to a security briefing at the Ministry shortly after he was named the Shadow Minister but he didn’t show up.

Mr. Jackson says the only meeting he’d been invited to attend is one last Friday to discuss new technologies to fight crime.

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Mr. Jackson says he’s willing to sit on the National Security Ministry’s Security Programme Oversight Committee, chaired by the retired banker, Peter Moses.

But he says contrary to Minister Montague’s statement, he’s received no invitation to participate.

Mr. Jackson is also questioning the government’s sincerity in declaring crime a serious concern.

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Fitz Jackson, Shadow Minister on National Security, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

In the meantime, Mr. Jackson says there’s confusion about who’s in charge of the country’s response to reducing crime.

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In a statement to the media this afternoon, Mr. Jackson says the consultations that Minister Montague has been holding with stakeholders cannot fill the need for what he calls a ‘comprehensive strategy’.

He says academic research is also needed to guide crime-fighting policies.

According to Mr. Jackson, the Opposition has been consulting with leading members of academia to better understand the crime phenomenon in the country.

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