Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips says Prime Minister Andrew Holness is to be blamed for the gross mismanagement of the road construction projects on several critical corridors in the corporate area.

In a statement last night, Dr. Phillips said the Prime Minister took too long to recognise that the shoddy work and the gross mismanagement of the projects have been a major disaster for businesses, residents and road-users.

Dr Phillips says communities right across the corporate area have suffered months unending without water because of the careless and clumsy operations of the road projects where major water mains were frequently broken.

This problem he says has resurged in some areas over the past few days.
He cites that schools are about to reopen and some communities have not seen a drop of water in their pipes for long periods.

The Opposition Leader says traffic pile ups along major corridors have frustrated motorists, homeowners and schools have endured spells of displacement on account of the mismanagement of the road work projects.

He says the sloppy handling of the road work has caused businesses to be left without tele-communication systems as internet and telephone cables were severed and the entrances to business places blocked without reason.

Dr. Phillips criticised the Prime Minister for apparently seeking to blame the National Works Agency, NWA, for the ongoing fiasco, when the real problem was the absence of policy leadership and proper oversight on these projects.

He says the Prime Minister’s attempt to call out the leadership of the NWA for what he describes as a ‘tongue lashing’ about poor performance and the less than acceptable work ethic and discipline of the contractors, is too little too late.

He says the damage has already been done to businesses and community life.

Dr. Phillips says the large number of agencies reporting to the Prime Minister has resulted in mismanagement all around and a failure to even monitor this programme.

Opposition Spokesman on Transport, Mikael Phillips also says the management of the project has been unsatisfactory.

He argued that a lapse in communication by all the agencies involved may have contributed to a breakdown in the execution of the projects.

Mr. Phillips says they expected better coordination because two of the major agencies involved in the projects fall under the same Ministry.

Mikael Phillips, Opposition Spokesman on Transport.