Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, is defending his stewardship of the People’s National Party, PNP, after a Nationwide/Bluedot poll finds a massive 30-point deficit between the Opposition and the governing Jamaica Labour Party.

The poll conducted last month among 1,500 Jamaicans, finds that the Golding led PNP is trailing the Holness led JLP 65 per cent to 35 per cent.

Nationwide News sources say Mr. Golding has come under fire inside the 83-year-old party.

Members of the One PNP faction of the party are reportedly restive over the poll results which finds Mr. Golding is performing worse than his predecessor.

Ricardo Brooks reports.

Mr. Golding took to social media site, Twitter, on Monday morning to reassure comrades that he was still the right man for the job.

After hammering the government’s handling of crime and the pandemic, he turned his attention to his party’s dismal poll findings.

The first term PNP President says his party has had what he describes as “public spats”, which he says the Jamaican people do not want to see.

Mr. Golding concedes that the PNP needs to settle down.

He says his party needed to focus on doing its job as Opposition and stop the petty squabbling.

He notes that PNP supporters are anxious for the sqaubbling to end.

The Opposition Leader says his party members need to move forward, get on the ground and represent the people.

Mr. Golding reasons that once that is done the Jamaican people will, “come back to us”.

Golding says a poll is only a snapshot in time.

He goes on to defend his poor showing compared to his predecessor, Dr. Peter Phillips, who led the PNP to its biggest electoral defeat in more than 30 years.

The polls show that Golding’s job performance is rated 13-points lower than that of Dr. Phillips’.

Mr. Golding told Twitter the Nationwide/Bluedot poll was done last month, versus Dr. Phillips’ poll ratings which were done in an election campaign when people’s interest in politics was much higher.

The Opposition Leader appeared to also be mindful of the positive sentiments factor, another area in which he trails his immediate predecessor, Dr. Phillips, and the Prime Minister.

The PNP President says he has come into the public area of politics in a short space of time. He says a year is a relatively short time in getting a public persona in a pandemic.

Mr. Golding has previously served as a Senator, Justice Minister and Opposition Spokesman on Finance.

He says an election isn’t due for another 4 years.

Golding ends his Twitter thread by saying the PNP needs to focus on building its organization.