by: Suzell Wray

Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, is supporting the call of his Opposition Spokesman on Finance for the board members of the Airports Authority of Jamaica, AAJ, to resign.

The Opposition Leader’s call comes amid revelations that the AAJ breached legislation when it invested millions of US dollars in a private company, First Rock Holdings.

The investment, which Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, has identified as a breach, was brought to the fore by Opposition Spokesman, Julian Robinson.

Suzell Wray reports.

While speaking at a National Executive Council Meeting on Sunday, Mr. Golding argued that the AAJ’s unauthorized investment was another move by the Jamaica Labour Party to exploit the pockets of Jamaicans.

According to the Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act, PBMA, public bodies are not allowed to invest in private companies not listed on the Stock Exchange without the approval of the Finance Ministry.

Mr. Golding argued that the Transport Ministry must take immediate action to remove those involved.

He further stated that the country cannot be forced to suffer as a result of misapplied funds.

In response to the breach, Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke said he has instructed the AAJ to update its policy consistent with the PBMA.

This he says must include that prior approval is required for investment in private companies. He says the AAJ is looking to sell the assets it holds in the private company.