Opposition Spokesman on Justice, Senator Alexander Williams, says he’s concerned about the way DPP, Paula Llewellyn, ended the prosecution of the murder case involving entertainer, Kentucky Kid.

His comment comes amid the public row between the Office of the DPP and INDECOM over the case.

Speaking on Nationwide This Morning, INDECOM Commissioner, Terrence Williams, said he was startled by the DPP’s decision and believes she made an error in judgement.

The case against the former accused, three police personnel and two civilians, cannot be re-opened.

Because two weeks ago the DPP made a no-case submission, offering no evidence.

And the judge directed the jury to enter a not guilty verdict.

The INDECOM Commissioner, who believes a case could have been mounted, is upset with that course of action.

Senator Williams supports the view that the DPP should have entered a nolle prosequi, which would have only suspended the case.

While admitting he’s not fully aware of all the details of the case, he’s suggesting the DPP should have allowed a jury to decide.

Senator Williams is also suggesting that the DPP, the country’s chief prosecutor, might have had a different perspective on the case with more consultation.

He’s says it’s unfortunate there’s not greater cooperation between the INDECOM Commissioner and the DPP.