Opposition Leader Mark Golding says the government has manufactured a crisis through its poor implementation of the public sector compensation review exercise.

Golding made the assessment as several unions have taken industrial action with others threatening to do the same come Monday.

In a message to the public Friday afternoon Golding says the actions of the public sector were triggered by arrogance and a lack of transparency on the part of the Holness-administration.

Chevon Campbell has that story.

Off the rails.

That’s PNP leader, Mark Golding’s, characterisation of the government’s handling of the reclassification exercise.

The workers of the National Water Commission, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority and the National Housing Trust have staged protests over the last four days.

The disruptions have cost the country hundreds of millions of dollars.

According to Mr. Golding the Jamaica Civil Service Association and its 30,000 members are set to strike on Monday. He says public health inspectors are also restive.

The opposition leader says the entire exercise had devolved into chaos.

He’s calling on the government to institute an urgent reset of the process and bring all stakeholders back to the table.