The Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, says it stands by its decision to vote against further extensions of the States of Public Emergency, last year.

This despite an Observer commissioned- Bill Johnson Poll which found that 82-per cent of the respondents supported the emergency security measures.

The poll also found that 65-per cent of respondents were comfortable with sacrificing some of their human rights to cooperate with the enhanced security measures.

Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Fitz Jackson, says he understands the level of fear many Jamaicans are experiencing as several communities are erupting in violence.

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He says his party knows its decision not to support an extension of the States of Public Emergency, in December, was unpopular. But he says it was a risk the PNP was willing to take.

In the meantime, Mr Jackson is raising concern about the level of financial investment being made in the Constabulary Force.

He says the government is instead spending billions to improve the capacity of the military.

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The Bill Johnson Poll sought responses from 1008 people across the island, including areas that were under States of Public Emergency.

The Opposition had refused to support another extension of the States of Public Emergency, in St James, St Catherine North and sections of the Corporate Area. They raised concerns about the constitutionality of further extensions.