The Opposition Spokesman on Health, the People’s National Party, Dr. Dayton Campbell, says there’s a conflict of interest in the investigation into the discovery of missing bodies of neonates at the Kingston Public Hospital, KPH.

He’s calling for an independent investigation into the matter.

The bodies of two premature babies that were being stored in the morgue at the KPH were found to be improperly disposed of.

Over the weekend, Chairman of the South East Regional Health Authority, SERHA, Philip Armstrong, ordered an investigation into the circumstances.

Dr. Patrece Charles Freeman, a member of the SERHA, is leading the investigation.

In a statement today, Dr. Campbell says the appointment of Dr. Charles Freeman ‘is tantamount to investigating one’s self’. He says it also breaches the law of fairness and natural justice.

The Opposition spokesman says this is because the KPH falls under SERHA’s purview, giving it direct oversight responsibility.

He says an independent investigator should be used. Meanwhile, Dr. Campbell is calling for the ultimate available sanctions in the matter. He says the finding of the neonates shows a lack of care and mismanagement of the hospital systems.

He also wants the government to make public the number of neonates that have died since the beginning of 2017.

The SERHA Chairman has said the police is carrying out an external investigation into the circumstances under which the bodies were found.