Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Fitz Jackson, says his party will not support legislation attempting to deny Jamaicans their right to bail.

He’s responding to comments made by National Security Minister, Robert Montague, that he’ll be bringing legislation to Parliament restricting bail from those charged with gun-related offences and murder.

In a statement this afternoon, Mr. Jackson says such legislation has already been rejected by the society.

Mr. Jackson notes that particular request regarding bail restrictions was included in a package brought by the then Bruce Golding-led administration. He says that provision went nowhere.

Mr. Jackson is also warning the government that a proposal for mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes was also struck down by the UK based Privy Council.

He says for the government to return with the same ideas, betrays a lack of credible solutions to crime.

He says it clearly reveals why after one year and nine months in office, the JLP has failed to devise a plan to tackle crime.

Mr. Jackson is once again calling on the government to have a national consultation designed to devise a workable crime plan.

He’s also calling on the government to implement the recommendations of the Joint Select Committee which reviewed the INDECOM ACT in 2015-16.

This after Prime Minister Holness yesterday told the JLP annual conference that sometimes INDECOM goes too far.

Mr. Jackson says Prime Minister Holness shouldn’t complain about INDECOM’s over-reach without taking the necessary steps to prevent it.

The opposition Shadow Minister says the country needs an organization such as INDECOM to prevent police excesses and attend to citizens’ complaints.

However, he says a mechanism has to be found to balance the citizens’ rights with the need for effective policing.