Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting, is accusing Prime Minister Andrew Holness of having what he calls an authoritarian affinity for suspending the rights of citizens.

Mr. Bunting was reacting to the Prime Minister’s criticism yesterday of those who’ve called for the end of the States of Public Emergency as a crime fighting tool.

Ricardo Brooks reports.

The People’s National Party will not support the further routine use of States of Public Emergency as a crime fighting tool.

That’s the declaration from the new Opposition Spokesperson on National Security, Senator Peter Bunting. 

He was reacting to Prime Minister Holness’ comments at a prayer breakfast yesterday. The Prime Minister bemoaned what he says is the hypocrisy in certain quarters of calling for the suspension of the SOEs while at the same time calling for increased community policing.

But Mr. Bunting says the Prime Minister must abandon his affinity for the suspension of citizens’ rights.

Mr. Bunting says the Prime Minister’s continued reliance on the measure shows he is out of ideas on how to solve the crime problem.

The new Opposition Senator says the Holness administration has not effectively utilized the national security budget over the last three years.

Bunting says the government must now rethink the SOEs as the Opposition is unlikely to cooperate.