Electricity Generation Consultant at the Office of Utilities and Regulations, OUR, Valentine Fagan says the entity has recommended to the Government that persons who are purchasing or subscribing to supply electric vehicles should be incentivised.

He was speaking on Nationwide this morning with Tauna Thomas and Danielle Archer.

With support from the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB, Jamaica is due to introduce 200 Electric Vehicles and to train 400 individuals in maintenance and safety practices.

Mr. Fagan says findings from the company’s latest survey of over 300 people showed that there is a lack of public awareness in the country on electric vehicles.

When asked about the Jamaica Public Service’s capacity to facilitate electric vehicles, Mr Fagan noted that the vehicles will impose more requirements from the service provider.

Valentine Fagan, OUR’s Electricity Generation Consultant.

He says smart meters and other technologies are being implemented to adapt to the use of the vehicles.