The Office of Utilities Regulation, OUR is requesting a preliminary report from telecommunications company FLOW into a widespread disruption of service on the weekend.

The service disruption took place between Friday and Saturday.

In a statement yesterday, the OUR is asking that the information be provided by tomorrow.

The OUR cites Section 3 of the Telecommunications Act, as the basis for its request, which includes protecting and promoting the interests of customers, purchasers and other users of telecommunication services.

The information requested from FLOW includes confirmation of the reported interruption of internet service, the time, extent and duration of service outage and the corrective action taken to address the outage.

The OUR would also like to know the number of affected customers, communication to customers regarding the outage, the steps taken subsequent to restoration and any future related steps to be taken.

The regulator says it will determine its next move after receiving FLOW’s report.

And, Managing Director of FLOW, Garry Sinclair, says the disruption to its service on the weekend affected approximately 50,000 subscribers over a 16 hour period.

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Mr. Sinclair attributed the problems experienced by customers to a disruption of one of the company’s Uninterrupted Power Supplies, UPS.

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Energy Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, has announced the establishment of a task force to examine the state of the country’s utility and telecommunications infrastructure in light of the recent incidents.