Prime Minister Andrew Holness says an examination of his government’s record in office will show why it’s trusted more than the Opposition PNP to effectively manage the issues that are most important to them in their daily lives.

The Prime Minister made that argument on Sunday while addressing a meeting of his party’s central executive in St. Ann.

Nora Gaye Banton reports:

Those comments from the the Prime Minister follow the publication of the latest Nationwide Bluedot polls powered by Total Tools.

The poll found that Jamaicans trust the JLP more than the PNP to exert better management over issues concerning the economy…cost of living/inflation…education…crime….healthcare…unemployment/jobs….housing…water supply…roads plus social security and welfare.

Across the ten areas measured by the Bluedot pollsters, the PNP were trusted as the better managers in only one, cost of living.

The Prime Minister says the Jamaican people are now reaping the benefits of the sound economic management of the last seven years.

The government has announced the ‘Shared Prosperity through Accelerated Improvement to our Road Network’, SPARK, Programme.

SPARK is intended to modernise more than 2,000 roads islandwide.

The programme is expected to cost $40-billion.