Retired FBI Special Agent, Wilfred Rattigan is questioning the viability of a suggestion to outsource certain police work to private security companies.

Several security companies have been making the call, to help alleviate the pressures on the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF.

The suggestion has been made that certain duties, such as Administrative work, could be outsourced to private security firms.

But speaking on Nationwide this Morning, Mr. Rattigan is questioning who would vet these companies.

Mr. Rattigan is also questioning if the government would be willing to pay for other vetting requirements, including financial declarations.

However, Security Consultant, Robert Finzi- Smith says measures are in place to assist in the vetting process.

He says the Private Security Regulatory Authority and the Firearm Licensing Authority have created a sufficient vetting system.

However he says the frequency with which the agencies carry out their assessments of those working in security for the state needs to be reviewed.

Meanwhile, Former Assistant Commissioner of Police and Security Consultant, Mark Shields explained that the outsourcing of police work was recommended during the review of the JCF in 2008.