More than 40 people have so far been charged with both major and minor offences since the declaration of a State of Public Emergency in the St. Catherine North Police Division.

The latest to be charged is a Linstead man who’s facing two charges of murder. He’s 24 year old Steven Rhoden, otherwise called ‘Devil’, of Mickleton District in Linstead, St. Catherine.

According to a joint police/military statement yesterday, Rhoden was charged in connection with the killing of 28-year-old Vaughn Gordon and 36-year-old Jevando Morgan. He was arrested on March 22 by members of the security forces during an operation at Frazer’s Content in the division.

Reports from the Linstead Police are about 11:25 a.m., on Wednesday, December 20, last year 28-year-old Vaughn Gordon and 36-year-old Jevando Morgan were among a group of three men who were standing on Royal Avenue in Linstead. The three men were pounced upon by a gunman who opened gunfire hitting them.

The three were taken to hospital where Gordon and Morgan died while undergoing treatment. The third man was admitted in serious condition.

Rhoden was identified as a suspect following intensive investigation. He was subsequently caught and arrested. He was charged on Saturday, March 31. He’s scheduled to appear in the St. Catherine Parish Court on Tuesday, April 16.

A State of Emergency was declared in the St. Catherine North Police Division on March 18.

This follows a State of Emergency being declared in St. James two months earlier, on January 18.