Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) is insisting that former Managing Director of National Energy Solutions Limited, Carolyn Warren, return to answer questions.

This despite her resignation from NESOL in July and a police investigation into the operations at the state-owned entity.

Committee Member, Phillip Paulwell, says even private citizens can be summoned to the PAAC if needs be and held in contempt for failing to appear.

In reviewing the last sitting of the PAAC, Mr. Paulwell made it clear that any person whether employed to a public body or not can be summoned by the PAAC.

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Mr. Paulwell is seemingly referencing former NESOL Managing Director, Carolyn Warren, who resigned in July.

Her resignation happened after it came to light that she had a criminal record prior to her employment at the entity.

Among the issues raised by Mr. Paulwell is a report that work was done by Peak Energy Solutions Limited of which $12-million has been paid over by NESOL without a written contract.

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Mr. Paulwell then raised the issue of Mrs. Warren’s role as a director of the Universal Service Fund.

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He argues that Mrs. Warren and NESOL’s management must return to the PAAC at the earliest possible time to discuss the issues.

Chairman of the PAAC, Dr. Wykeham McNeil agreed. He says an ongoing police investigation at NESOL does not preclude the PAAC from probing the issues there.