Public Administration and Appropriations Committee, PAAC Chairman, Dr. Wykeham McNeil and Government MP on the committee, Leslie Campbell clashed this afternoon while the committee discussed the $400,000,000 corruption scandal rocking the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

In 2017, the fraud scandal resulted in the resignation of Deputy Chairman of the Corporation and Councilor for the Spur Tree Division, the PNP’s, Ervin Facey

The scandal also resulted in the arrest and charge of several employees of the corporation – including former Deputy Superintendent of Works, Sanjay Elliott.

Neika Lewis reports.

The clash at the PAAC took place this afternoon when Mr. Campbell questioned the CEO of the Manchester Municipal Corporation, Winston Palmer, whether auditors at the Corporation had called attention to the alleged multi-million dollar theft.

Mr. Campbell chastised Mr. Palmer when the Manchester Municipal Corporation CEO declined to answer the question.

PAAC Chairman, Dr. Wykeham McNeil intervened and urged Mr. Campbell to show restraint.

But Mr. Campbell chided the PAAC Chairman.

A few weeks ago prosecutors disclosed in the Manchester Criminal Court that the scandal has resulted in the Manchester Municipal Corporation being defrauded of over 4-hundred million dollars.

The Corporation’s CEO told the PAAC today that the entity’s financial records did not disclose those losses.

Meantime, Mr. Palmer conceded at the PAAC that over the past few years auditors had raised concerns about how the corporation’s finances were being handled.

He was responding to a question from PAAC Member, Leslie Campbell.

Mr. Palmer also told the PAAC that the Auditor General has done an extensive audit of the Corporation.

Winston Palmer, CEO of the Manchester Municipal Corporation.