Some Parliamentarians sitting on the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee, PAAC, are lamenting the physical toll on them because of the committees’ schedule.

The issue was raised at today’s sitting where, Chairman, Mikael Phillips, tried to lock down a new schedule for the year.

However, some MP’s say they need sufficient breaks in order to keep up with their official duties both to the Parliament and their constituencies.

Chevon Campbell tells us more.

Last year as part of his revamping of the sessional committees, Prime Minister Andrew Holness made it clear that his back bench would have to work hard.

However, some members of the PAAC, are calling for a more relaxed schedule to keep up with their constituency duties.

The sentiment was best expressed by Central St. James MP, Heroy Clarke.

Other members such as South East St. Elizabeth’s Franklin Witter, echoed the sentiment noting his participation on eight committees and his chairing of a ninth.

He supported calls for all committee chairs to meet and put together a satisfactory schedule.

However, South St. Catherine MP, Fitz Jackson stated categorically that the onus was on the MP’s to meet their representational requirements in all aspects.

But, he agreed arrangements should be made for those MP’s who travel from outside the corporate area.

PAAC Chairman, Mikael Phillips, agreed to meet with his fellow Chairs to create a suitable schedule.

Chevon Campbell for Nationwide News.