The Pan American Health Organization, PAHO, is reporting that Covid-19 cases are spreading rampantly among the younger population because they are not included in the vaccination groups.

During a press briefing this morning, PAHO Director Dr. Carissa Etienne said this pattern across the region is concerning at this time.

Dr. Etienne expressed that youths across the region are at severe risk of contracting the virus if governments continue to overlook the impact of the virus on them.

She added that hospitals should expect an increase in youth admissions.

While more youths are being exposed to the virus regionally, Dr. Etienne is urging governments to ramp up the procurement of oxygen.

She explained that it’s imperative that those who are excluded from vaccine groups are not overlooked.

According to PAHO, the number of positive Covid-19 cases recorded daily is becoming more alarming at this time.

She noted that the weekly numbers are not showing signs of improvement.

Dr. Carissa Etienne, PAHO Director.