Director of the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO, Dr. Carissa Etienne, says one million people have died of COVID-19 in the Americas.

Dr. Etienne says this is a tragic milestone for the region.

She notes that the pandemic is affecting small and large Caribbean countries differently.

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During a media briefing this morning, Dr. Etienne said the pandemic has preyed on the immune systems of the vulnerable.

She notes that over two million people tested positive for COVID-19 across the region last week.

The PAHO Director adds that the 1-million death toll is alarming.

Dr. Etienne says COVID-19 cases are trending upwards in large Caribbean countries.

The PAHO Director notes that small Caribbean countries recorded a 25 per cent infection rate last week.

However, Dr. Etienne says Central America has seen a decrease in COVID-19 cases.