The Press Association of Jamaica, PAJ, says it’s pleased that both the British High Commissioner and the Office of the Prime Minister, OPM, recognize that the lack of access to UK Prime Minister David Cameron on his recent visit, was an issue.

In a statement today the PAJ says the format used by the OPM during the visit of US President Barack Obama, where only two questions were allowed from both local and foreign media, was also insufficient.

It says its concerned that the OPM appears to regard this as sufficient for the Jamaican press corps and questions why formats used elsewhere are not adopted.

The PAJ says it wishes to highlight the disgraceful position taken by Jamaica House generally in its restriction of media access to Prime Minister Simpson Miller.

It says the Prime Minister’s steadfast refusal to face the media is unprecedented in modern times, and is contemptuous of, and dismissive of the Jamaican press to an unbelievable degree.