The management of Palace Amusement Limited in Jamaica is seeking opportunities to generate revenues from other sources since curfew measures continue to impact attendance at its standard cinemas.

One such is the new drive-in cinema in New Kingston, which it established upon the signing of a two-year licence agreement, last year, with Victoria Mutual Pensions Management Limited for the use of the property situated on Dominica Drive.

“Operations did not start at that location until late October 2020, due to curfew restrictions.

However, Palace Amusement expects a resurgence in attendance when new movies come out in the summer.

In notes attached to the results for the March 31, 2021 quarter, management stated that with vaccination drive in North America in high gear and the summer season approaching, cinema chains have begun to reopen after extended inactivity.

Palace Amusement says it’s awaiting its own green light from the Jamaican Government to resume normal activities.

It says it has begun to prepare plant and operations to release good-quality product for patrons to enjoy in a comfortable and relaxing environment.