Parliament is to start the review of the so-called anti-gang legislation next month.

The legislation, formally called the Criminal Justice Suppression of Criminal Organizations Act, was passed four years ago, in a bid to address persistent gang violence across the island.

Parliament’s Joint Select Committee, established to conduct the long-awaited review, met for the first time this afternoon.

The Committee has agreed to start hearing submissions on November 13.

Chairman of the Committee, and National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang, says his ministry will outline all the changes that have been proposed for the legislation.He says the Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, is to then review the proposals.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force, the Jamaica Defense Force, and the Office of the DPP are the first entities that will make submissions.

The DPP Paula Llewelyn has been calling for the legislation to be strengthened.

In May, Ms. Llewelyn raised concerns that the law lacks the expressed provision that allows law enforcement authorities to obtain a warrant to enter and search premises. She said that made it difficult for investigators to target accountants and others professionals who may be collaborating with gangsters.