National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, says he’s disappointed to learn that two Pastors were among seven people charged in Westmoreland this week over their involvement in the lottery scam.

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Minister Bunting was speaking today, at the official opening of the Waterhouse Community Multi-purpose Center in St. Andrew.

The Pastors were taken into custody during an operation on the weekend.

They were arrested after police raided a building on Cooke Street, Little London and found several documents used in the lottery scam.

Two vehicles and a certificate of deposit, valued at 8-point-5-million-dollars, were also seized during the raid.

One of them has been charged with breaches of the Proceeds of Crime Act.

He’s been identified as Roy Foster, of Little London, in the parish.

He was charged after it was discovered that a vehicle belonging to him was bought with proceeds of the lottery scam.

He’s been released on station bail and is will appear in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court next week.

The other pastor is still in custody.