The attorney representing Police Inspector, Patricia Powell, is demanding a public apology and compensation from the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA, for defaming her character.

On November 1, the FLA issued a statement to the media saying that both Inspector Patricia Powell and businessman, Patrick Powell, had gun licenses for the same firearm.

Patrick Powell was recently acquitted of the murder of 17-year-old Kingston College Student, Khajeel Mais.

Inspector Patricia Powell is being represented by attorney Linton Gordon.

Gordon has written a letter to the Chairman of the FLA, claiming that his client’s reputation and health have been gravely affected by statements he says are defamatory.

He says the statement from the FLA has caused members of the Jamaican public and people across the world to form the impression that Inspector Powell is in some way connected to Patrick Powell.

He’s accusing the FLA of willfully and intentionally publishing her full name and place of employment, exposing her to grave security risk and public ridicule.

This, despite its own previous investigation, showing Inspector Powell has never had anything to do with Patrick Powell.

Mr. Gordon says the FLA knew she had never met him, spoken to him, or allowed him to get a license for her firearm.

According to Gordon, the FLA had even apologised to Inspector Powell following those investigations five years ago, and promised to revoke the unauthorized license issued to Patrick Powell.

He says his client left the FLA’s office and continued to renew her gun license over the years, unaware that it hadn’t dealt with the matter as promised.

He says it’s reckless and irresponsible for it to now turn around and publish her name, despite the result of their investigation showing that there was a breach at the FLA, and that Inspector Powell did nothing wrong.

He’s demanding a full and complete apology to be published twice in both major newspapers.

He’s also demanding a meeting to negotiate a compensation package.

Mr. Gordon says if the FLA doesn’t respond within 14 days, he’ll take the matter to court.