Prominent Attorney, Patrick Bailey, was today freed of fraud charges.

Bailey was freed this afternoon by Parish Court Judge Tara Reid Carr in the Corporate Area Criminal Court.

The Attorney was in 2016 accused of conspiracy to defraud a St. Catherine-businessman, Stafford Dixon, of his property.

Mr. Bailey was freed today when a no-case submission which was filed by his Attorneys was upheld.

He was represented by Queen’s Counsel, Garth McBean and Carolyn Reid Cameron, along with Pierre Rogers.

Mr. McBean says the Judge commented that the complainant’s credibility was shattered beyond repair.

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Mr. McBean says his client feels vindicated.

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Bailey was initially accused of forgery and conspiracy to defraud in relation to the sale of a 20-acre property in St. Catherine. He was accused of selling the property without the permission of the owners.

However, prosecutors had withdrawn the charge of forgery and indicated they intended to proceed on the charge of conspiracy to defraud.