Popular attorney, Patrick Bailey, is scheduled to return to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court today as his fraud trial continues.

He’s accused of defrauding a St Catherine land developer, Stafford Dixon, in a property deal.

Allegations are that between 1995 and 1997 Bailey sold a 22-acre property in St Catherine on behalf of Dixon.

The land was used to develop a housing scheme.

However, Dixon is claiming that he did not benefit from the sale.

Dixon testified in court last month that he did not authorise the transfer which was done by Bailey without his consent.

In 2007, Dixon field a lawsuit against Bailey seeking to recover 90 million dollars from him.

Dixon claimed he should have received 105 million dollars from the sale of the property but only received 16-million.

He claimed Bailey reneged on a Consent Agreement signed in December 2007, to pay over the balance.

The suit against Bailey is pending before the Supreme Court.