Convicted businessman, Patrick Powell, who was found guilty of failing to hand over his firearm to the police for inspection is to be sentenced today.

The Corporate Area businessman was found guilty by Judge Vaugh Smith in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court in Half Way Tree last month.

The trial started in late June.

The prosecution led evidence that Powell was a licensed firearm holder at the time a police officer, Superintendent Clive Walker asked him in July 2011 to hand over his gun.

The crown also led evidence that the request was made in accordance with section 39 four of the Firearms Act.

In his statement from the dock, Powell maintained that he did not fail to hand over his gun for inspection.

In handing down the verdict, Judge Smith says if Powell surrendered his firearm to the police at that time it could lessen his sentence.

Powell can be fined up to $300,000 or serve up to 12 months in prison.