The original file at the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA, with information on the license granted to accused Patrick Powell to carry a firearm is still missing.

This was revealed today in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court following several demands by Powell’s attorney, Deborah Martin, to see the file.

The file in question documents information such as the calibre and the serial number of Powell’s firearm.

It could also tell the court when Powell’s firearm license was last renewed.

The prosecution says it only has copies of the file.

The prosecution says the files that are available are copies of the replacement file in the registry at the FLA.

The prosecution says all the documents it would receive from the FLA were copies and full disclosure was made to the defence.

Before today, Ms. Martin said she was unaware the file was not found.

Although disclosure of certified copies was made to her in January and February, Ms. Martin said she was still uncertain if the original was ever recovered.

Neither the prosecution nor its first witness, the Director of Audit and Complaints at the FLA, Michael Dixon could say where the file is.

Mr. Dixon, in his Evidence in Chief, says he reprinted the file from his computer and the same file from the FLA’s database at the request of the DPP’s office in January.

He says the file from his computer was cross-referenced with the one from the FLA’s database.

Mr. Dixon says having satisfied himself that the two files were the same, he signed them and added a notation to indicate the documents were a replacement.

He says that was the file he sent to the DPP’s office.

He said he did not change the contents of the file.

Mr. Dixon says several attempts were made to find Powell’s file.

He says the FLA board had meetings and extensive checks were made by the Registry staff, all Heads of Department and regional officers.

However, the file cannot be found.

Meanwhile, earlier this morning the prosecution indicated it would not be calling two senior Police officers as witnesses as was requested by the defence.

It says neither Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ealan Powell nor investigating officer Frank Buchanan would be able to advance its case.

But Ms. Martin believes the two officers are relevant.

She pointed out today that ACP Powell had said in the public domain that there were data errors regarding files relating to the case.

In her cross-examination, Ms. Martin asked Mr. Dixon if he was aware of the statements made by ACP Powell but he said he couldn’t recall and would rather not speculate.

She further probed if Mr. Dixon was not concerned there could be data entry errors impacting the accuracy of the case.

Mr. Dixon said he had no such concerns based on the process he followed to make the replacement file.

Ms. Martin has indicated she’ll be making an application to have both police officers give evidence in the case.