People’s National Party affiliate, the Patriots, has called for Minister of Transport and Mining, Robert Montague, to resign with immediate effect.

This follows controversy at the Clarendon Aluminium Products which engulfed the entity’s Board of Directors and led to Montague’s move to dissolve the Board.

In a statement, the Patriots noted their concerns on the numerous occurrences of, what they call, alleged corruption and abuse of public trust at several entities under the Minister’s stewardship.

The group made note of the Police Used Car Scandal, the Corruption Scandal at the Firearm Licensing Authority, the unauthorized investment debacle at the Airports Authority of Jamaica and the current situation unfolding at CAP.

The Patriots added that some of the same persons have been involved in these matters as board members at various institutions, having been appointed by Montague in his capacity as Minister.

The affiliate says it believes this calls into question Montague’s judgement and capacity, to be an effective Minister of Government.

They also question his responsibility to make such appointments of boards and to have oversight of public bodies in charge of millions of dollars.

The Patriots say based on this apparent trend that has emerged from events occurring under Montague’s watch, they call for his resignation as Minister of Transport and Mining with immediate effect.

The group says this is to allow Prime Minister Holness the opportunity to appoint someone more suitable to discharge such responsibilities, as required by a Minister of Government.