The matter involving murder accused Rushawn Patterson has been transferred to the St. James Circuit Court by way of a voluntary bill of indictment.

Patterson is charged with the murder of 35-year-old social media personality, Aneka Townsend alias ‘Slickianna’.

A 47-year-old security guard, Rohan Rose, also called ‘Early B’ is charged with misprision of a felony in relation to the same matter.

Attorney Michelle Thomas, who represents Patterson, says a bail hearing application is set for December 15.

Michelle Thomas, attorney representing murder accused, Rushawn Patterson.

Patterson and his co-accused made their first appearance, physically in the circuit court today.

Townsend’s body was retrieved from the sea in the Reading area of St. James on Friday October 21. A post mortem examination conducted on her body on November 5 concluded that her death was caused by strangulation.

Police reports are that on October 20, Townsend travelled from Kingston to Montego Bay where she was picked up by Patterson. According to the police during the course of the evening, they visited a restaurant in Hanover and a guest house in St James.

The police further stated that at some point during the night an argument developed between them. The police are alleging that Patterson alleging that Patterson strangled Townsend and disposed of her body.

He was arrested on November 2, during a high-level intelligence-driven operation.

Meanwhile, attorney representing co-accused Rohan ‘Early B’ Rose, Martin Thomas, says a November 28 date has been set for his client’s bail application consideration.

Rose is charged with Misprision of a Felony in relation to the murder of 35-year-old social media personality, Aneka Townsend.

While Thomas wanted the court to immediately hear the application, the Crown was not ready as it wanted some information in place.

Thomas argued that his client has been in custody since November 4 and has appeared in court on three occasions after being charged.

He says it was made known that a bail application would be made.

Thomas in his bail application said his client, who has more than one dependent, has lost his job.

He further argued that at the time Rose was arrested, he was working as a supervisor at Guardsman, a position which he held for the past nine years.

The Crown however argued that another date is needed for the matter as the police had been asked to retrieve more information.

The Crown said the information will inform them how to address the application as conditions of bail.