General Secretary of the People’s National Party, Paul Burke, has apologized to the RJR Communications Group.

On Sunday, Mr. Burke said an offer by RJR to host a televised forum with four of PNP leaders was one of the reasons the party decided not to participate in the national debates.

However, RJR’s Managing Director, Gary Allen, says the offer was clearly made after the PNP had publicly pulled out of the debates.

In a letter to Mr. Allen today, Mr. Burke says he’d like to clear up any misunderstanding that may have arisen from any communication from his party, about the PNP’s decision.

Burke says he did not intend to misrepresent any aspect of the matter.

He says if he unwittingly communicated that the offer from RJR was the reason they opted out of the national debates, this would have been an error on his part.

He says the PNP’s decision had absolutely nothing to do with the offer from RJR, and says he is apologizing for any confusion.