There’s another development in the bad gas scandal wreaking havoc on the motoring public.

The Energy Minister, Phillip Paulwell, has directed all bulk distributors and importers of fuel to urgently declare to him the name and purpose of all additives they’ve been using in their petrol over the past six months.

The state-owned oil refinery Petrojam and the French company Rubis Energy are among the country’s major importers and distributors of fuel.

Minister Paulwell’s move to secure more information, comes amid mounting complaints from motorists about the damage to their vehicle engines, caused by the bad gas.

Minister Paulwell gave the directive in a letter sent this week to importers and suppliers of fuel.

The letter which is dated Wednesday, January 6, 2016, has been obtained by Nationwide News.

The Energy Minister reminded the importers that they are bound by law to declare to his Ministry, the name and purpose of additives being used in fuel.

Paulwell dubbed his enquiry urgent and told the importers that they have 10-days in which to submit the information.

He has also asked the importers and major distributors, to supply evidence that they’ve been fulfilling their legal obligation to tell his Ministry which additives are being used in the fuel.

Minister Paulwell’s letter came a day after the Chairman of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica, Professor Winston Davidson told our news center he’s confident that fuel being circulated on the market is of the highest quality and will not damage engines.

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