East Kingston and Port Royal Member of Parliament, Phillip Paulwell, says he decided to enter the race for PNP Chairman because the occupant of that office can help the Party Leader and officers in the healing and unity of the Party.

The PNP will choose a new General Secretary and Chairman at the next sitting of its National Executive Council, NEC, on Sunday, November 29.

In a statement yesterday, Mr Paulwell, who’s currently Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives and a Vice President of the Party, says the result of the recent General Elections crystallized the urgency of the challenge facing the Party to re-tool, re-energise and move the organisation forward as a united and robust unit.

The East Kingston MP says he’s the candidate with the most experience to unite the PNP, having served as a Senator, Cabinet Minister, Leader of Government Business and Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives and led the Party’s powerful Region Three organization for 12 consecutive years.

Mr Paulwell says lingering bitterness among some members from the recent leadership race is understandable.

He notes that comrades must remember that their guiding principle to advance a societal framework based on progressive policies, social justice, and democratic principles takes precedence in what he describes as an “atmosphere of severe economic challenges and uncertainty” occasioned by the pandemic.

According to Mr Paulwell, his thrust is grounded in the founding principle of “building for the many without marginalising any”.

He says this is a time for serious, steady, and committed leadership to steer the PNP’s renewal and rebuilding adding that unity is critical given the pain and hurt coming out of the party’s recent leadership election.