Government Senator, Pearnel Charles Junior, says he rejects the notion that Members of Parliament should personally decide who they want to replace them, when they step aside.

This, as there are tensions in the North Central Clarendon constituency where, Mr. Charles Junior’s father, Pearnel, is Member of Parliament.

Communications Director in the Office of the Prime Minister, Robert Morgan, has applied to replace the elder Charles when he steps down as MP. But the sitting MP is livid, saying Mr. Morgan is disrupting the constituency.

The elder Charles also suggested his son is being groomed for the post.

Mr. Charles Junior says he has ambitions of representing the people of North Central Clarendon. But, he says he’s not applied to be the Jamaica Labour Party’s next standard-bearer for the constituency.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Morgan told Nationwide This Morning, that Mr. Charles Junior and a Councillor in one of the divisions in the constituency, are actively campaigning for the seat.

Mr. Charles Junior says he prefers to deal with the issues internally.

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The Government Senator says persons should be selected to lead constituencies based on their capabilities.

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