Despite concerns in the 2018 Auditor General’s Report of a lack of transparency in Petrojam’s fuel pricing system, the oil refinery’s insisting it’s pricing Committee and pricing mechanism are transparent and accurate.

Nationwide News submitted several questions to the State-owned oil refinery last week.

Neika Lewis reports.

Among the questions sent to Petrojam’s General Manager, Winston Watson, was who are the members of its Pricing Committee.

Mr Watson deferred to Public Relations Officer Latoya Pennant.

She says the committee meets weekly to determine ex refinery prices of petroleum products supplied by them.

But, according to the Auditor General’s Report there were no minutes of these meetings.

When asked for a copy of the latest minutes, Petrojam’s PR Officer suggested we make a request under the Access to Information Act.

In 2007, the Washington based audit firm, Centennial Group, said Petrojam was quick to pass on increases to customers and in larger volumes than it passed on reductions.

Meanwhile, Petrojam says minutes are now being recorded and sent to the Ministries of Finance and Science, Energy and Technology.

And, the State-owned oil refinery says a member of the board of directors participates in the pricing meetings.